Game junkies is a gaming company who makes games for many different platforms such as the IOS and Android Devices. The company was started in 2012 as we have a passion for 3d and interaction. We make games for many different aspects, whole productions, game reskining to asset production. We at game junkies pride our selves on the best.

The aim of the company is to make games like no other, inspiring people with the game imagery to make some of the best games to be ever seen on a mobile device, most games seen on a mobile device tend to be extremely simple and we at game junkies want are apps to have the extreme aspect to them, we want are audience to be amazed. Plus we want to engage are users to keep using are games and have fun playing them.

Game junkies is like no other company as we don’t just make apps we are also are in the fashion industry and have an amazing range of clothing which you can choose from, just check out our shop and take a look. Are clothing is aimed to relate to our company and games we produce.

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